Monday, February 11, 2008

When Wulan Guritno goes blogging!

Wulan Guritno for Mango

Wulan Guritno finally has her own blog. If you are one of her fans then you should visit her blog at When you read her posts you will find that Wulan Guritno obviously is an energetic woman. Wulan started the blog in February 2008 inspired by Dian Sastro, she enjoys talking and sharing her thoughts and observations on her vocation (movies), her job, her career, her lovely daughter, her journey and her life. She hate prostitution as she mentioned at blog profile:

Ina vs Uk gitu deh hehe,i dont care what people say or think about me yg penting i know,my shaloom,dilla,fam,n bestfriends knows I am right n Allah of course. I don’t like people who's munafik penuh kepura2an n basa basi thats not me. I hate hidung belang n prostitusi apapun alasannya.. i hate dibohongin termasuk 'white lies'....

She's also clarifies about her married:

i got married really young, karena nafsu dan emosi dan tanpa persetujuan dari pihak keluarga, so i ran from home untuk mewujudkan keinginan hidup bersama, sehidup semati, in goodness and badness, in sickness and healthness, or in richer and poorer... But itu semua juga did'nt happen, begitu menikah pelan-pelan everything went wrong, and ya otomatis at the end kembali ke keluarga lagi....

I'm adding Wulan Guritno’s blog to my personal list of favorite, and would highly suggest it to anyone else.

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