Sunday, June 15, 2008

Syahrini - Sexy

Syahrini is not Syahrani. They are different person. Syahrani is a famous jazz singer while Syahrini is a new sexy pop singer (wannabe?). Watchout, Mulan Jameela! You got a new competitor. Physically, she is not sexy enough, but... she really know how to looks sexy. And she made it!

Syahrini - My Lovely (2008) Track List:

01. Tatapan Cinta
02. Bohong
03. My Lovely
04. Kau Sengaja
05. Habislah Sudah
06. Sang Pencinta
07. Tak Terganti
08. Aku Pergi
09. Tak Memilih
10. Melewati Batas

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