Friday, October 31, 2008

Jennifer Dunn has Real Tattoos

Jennifer dunn sexy
I thought those tattoos are fake, I was wrong. It's real! Jennifer Dunn has real tattoos. Le's see... on the back, chest, hip and leg. Awesome dude...!

Jennifer dunn - tattoos
foto jennifer dunn

Ngintip Selangkangan Trio Macan

selangkangan trio macan
The most common reason people wear sunglasses is to get protection from damage better, whether it is UV light or glare. People wear clothing as a source of protection from cold and warm climates, their occupations, and recreations.

So what is the most important thing, sunglasses or clothes. And Trio Macan says.... Sunglasses. She prefer to cover her eyes better than cover her "selangkangan" LOL

Dewi, desi, sansan trio macan

Watch When Love Has been Praised God (Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2)

Watch the preparation of "Love Has been Praised God (Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2)"

A story about Abdullah Kahirul Azzam, an Indonesian student that comes from outlaying place just to continue his study at the Egypt. Azzam is a hard workers. He has a few litlle sisters, so with his all hearts and soul he has to sacrifice by becoming the meatballs seller and create tempe (fermented soybean cake). The story is full of advice. Azzam learn in Al Azhar University, because he got a schollarship from the religion Ministry. He is a prototype of Indonesian that is smart, clever, and humble, but he was born from a poor family. His intelligence has been proved on his first year at Al Azhar, he got the jayyid jidda (special), and the he got a shcollarship from Majlis A'la. But on his second years, his father that live in Indonesia passed away because of an accident. After his father's passed away, his mother has been poor in her health.

Book review is here

Alice Norin and Nightlife

Alice Norin
Alice Norin and friends were spend the night life hmmm... I don't know where, maybe in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? She looks so happy, celebrates someone birthday? Or just another usual party. Oh I almost forget, Alice Norin now taking a part of "When Love Has been Praised God (Ketika Cinta Bertasbih) the movie" It's yet another Habiburahman El Shirazy's work.

Alice Norin and Nightlife
alice norin dugem
Alice norin foto

Ajeng Kamaratih and "Dosen Cabul UI"

[this is not that sexual harassment video, this is Ajeng and Talent Show Miss Indonesia 2008]

Sexual harassment of female students by their lecturer in University of Indonesia (UI) apparently involved one of Indonesian celebrities. Ajeng Kamaratih reported as one of victims. FYI, Ajeng is "pemenang Favorit Wajah Femina 2006 " [Click here for more]

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did Julia Perez get Boobs Job?

Julia Perez, Boobs

Did Julia Perez get Boobs Job? Or maybe she’s just constantly wearing cleavage enhancers. If she did boobs job and then she should read this article. It's scary.

A study by a maker of saline breast implants, Mentor, found that 27 percent of implants put into breast cancer patients had to be taken back out again within three years, due to side effects. Another 13 percent had to have lesser corrective surgeries. The competing manufacturer McGhan has similar numbers. Even for healthy patients, both were forced to admit that "most women experienced at least one complication over the three year period".

Julia Perez

Does Laura Basuki looks like Miyabi?

Laura Basuki doesn't looks like Miyabi
Who said this girl looks like Miyabi? DetikHot said she looks like Miyabi. I’m sorry to say that she doesn’t looks like her. But yes, her face is so typical Japanese porn stars. If you are looking for someone who looks like her then I will agree if you say Pevita, yes she is looks like Miyabi.

Laura Basuki
typical japanese - laura basuki
laura basuki new rising star

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Syahrini - Celebrities on Vacation

Syahrini - on vacation
Yeah, Syahrini and friends were on vacation. They were seen too full of "bebek bengil". Need some dessert, girls?

syahrini on the beach

Celebrities on the Beach - Olga Lydia

Olga Lydia on the beach

We've seen Olga Lydia in swimsuit. But this might be more natural, without those paint and photoshop. Unfortunately, it's not too close enough.

Olga Lydia swimsuit
Olga Lydia in bikini

Go Fug Yourself

For those who don't know, Go Fug Youself is a popular entertainment blog with a huge traffic! 101.845 Visitors per Day. Go Fug Yourself maintained by Heather & Jessica. Here, what they says about theirself [really funny]:

About Heather

Favorite Sport: Skeet shooting; glass-hurling; marriage

Likes: Revenge; satin; Capri and Acapulco; men who wear flannel; champagne and caviar; mink; turbans; mink turbans; oil; torturing those of a lower social station; yelling; hissing; blackmail.

Dislikes: Cotton; people who don't have penises; being falsely accused of murder; Moldavians; blackmail.

Favorite Food: Olives; caviar; sex

Sworn Enemies: Mark Jennings (attempted blackmail and seduction, deceased); Sean Rowan (ex-husband, attempted murder, deceased); Joseph (the butler, attempted murder, deceased); Cassie "Caress" Morell (attempted financial/life ruin, not deceased... yet); Sable Colby (attempted financial/life ruin, also momentarily not deceased); Krystle Carrington (married Blake, failed to die of brain ailment); Blake Carrington, when not making attempts to reunite with him.

Memorable Quotes: "No one takes me to the cleaners AND to bed in the same night" and "I HATE YOU BLAAAAKKKKEEE."

About Jessica

Favorite Sport: stomping off in a huff; disobeying ones parents; hair-flipping; losing ones virginity at the prom; making out.

Likes: fake accents (French, Brooklyn); bangs; rebellious surfers with Porsches; vests; ill-advised elopements; the dramatic arts; bodysuits.

Dislikes: Controlling parents; when your best friend and your boyfriend hook up while you're stuck in France with a virgin and they try to pretend that it's because they're soulmates or something when it's actually just that they're cheaters; sanctimonious twin brothers; getting robbed at gunpoint; driving.

Favorite Foods: Mega-Burgers; the sweet taste of being misunderstood.

Memorable Quotes: "I hate you both! Never talk to me again!"

Click here to visit

Enno Lerian - Behind The Scene Video

You might remember Eno Lerian when she was a little kid. She was cute and lovely, right? And now Check out this behind-the-scenes clip of the making of October 2008 Popular's cover. Enno, you are now sexually naughty!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

French Maid Customes - Vega Dharwanty & Dian

French Maid Customes
Vega or Dian, which one do you prefer to be your maid? Vega: fussy, chubby and funny Dian: taller, mousy and tall. Both: Sexy and seducing. 

Sexy Customes - Dian Vega

Vega Dharwanty, sexy costume
Vega Dharwanty
Dian sexy costume
Dian Empat mata
Sexy French maid Dian

Astrid Artiasari - Arab Scarf

Astrid Artiasari Arab Scarf
Arab Scarf also known as keffiyeh (Arab), shmagh (Turkish), ghutrah or mashadah is a traditional headdress for Arab men made of a square of cloth (“scarf”), usually cotton, folded and wrapped in various styles around the head. It is commonly found in arid climate areas to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well as for occasional use in protecting the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand.

Astrid Artiasari
Modist Arab Scarf Astrid Artiasari
In current times, in the music video for the Nine Inch Nails single “Survivalism”, Trent Reznor can be seen wearing a keffiyeh, though the use of the keffiyeh in the video is appropriated in part to represent the Art is Resistance movement in the band’s promotional alternate reality game for its 2007 album Year Zero. And This is typically worn around the neck like a neckerchief, simply knotted in the front with the fabric allowed to drape over the back.

Here in Indonesia, Nidji, recently Glenn Fredly and other celebrities can be seen wearing Arabian Scarf. Even a girl like Astrid Artiasari wearing Arab Scarf.

Source: Wikipedia. Want to know how to wrap an Arab scarf? Click here

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nita Talia's Personal Website

Nita Thalia's Personal BlogDangdut singer Nita Thalia has her official website, click here to visit. BTW, Inul Daratista was also has one. How long your website will survive, Nita?

Ciuman Hot - Rizky the Titans and Mey Chan

Hot kiss Mey Chan
You might be know that singer Rizky the Titans and Mey Chan were spotted passionately kissing a mystery man and mistery woman. Mey Chan is a good kisser and so does Rizky. I have a suggestion for them, maybe somewhere someday Rizky should kiss Mey Chan. And it will be a great show and also both of them will be get multiple orgasme hot kiss! Win win solution! LOL

Hot Kiss Rizky the Titan

Shandy Aulia - Flawless Skin

perfect thigh - Shandy AuliaSigh. What a Flawless skin! And those thighs are so perfect. Shandy Aulia is born with flawless skin. Oh my god!

Drupadi - Dian Sastrowardoyo & Nicholas Saputra's Upcoming Movie

Nicholas SaputraThe Myth
Dian Sastrowardoyo in red
classic Dian Sastro
Dian Sastro next movie
Drupadi behind the scene
In Javanese mythology, Drupadi is a warrior and expert archer, wife of Yudistira. She often joins in battle dressed as a male warrior. [Click here for more]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dinda Kanya - Celebrities on Vacation

Dinda Kanya Kissing
If you want to see celebrities in their bikinis on vacation, one possibility might be the one and only is Bali Island. This is Dinda Kanya on vacation.

Dinda Kanya with fellow celebrities
dinda kanya swimsuit
Dinda Kanya on the beach
bikini dinda kania
smoking dinda kania
Dinda kania joy to ride
Dinda Kania private room